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Sick and tired of crazy fuel prices?


Our Vision

With global warming, stagnating oil production and increasing energy demand, much debate now focuses on the need for sustainable alternatives. Governments, insurance companies and the public are recognising the consequences of an unsustainable approach to living. No longer is it a case of “will we change?” – the question is now “how quickly will we change?”

Motor vehicles are a major contributor to carbon dioxide emissions, the main cause of global warming. Until recently, electric cars have been slow, impractical and above all, expensive. With recent advances in lithium-ion battery technology, brushless motor design and solid state switching, the electric car has emerged as a legitimate competitor to combustion driven vehicles. Electric vehicles (EVs) have many performance advantages over conventional vehicles. With superior torque characteristics, EVs can accelerate more rapidly and predictably than petrol-powered vehicles. They are also quieter and are immune to jerky starts and the need for gear changes.

Imagine driving a vehicle that goes from 0 to 100 kph in 4 seconds and will travel 400 km without refuelling. A vehicle that takes as little as one minute to refill with fuel that costs the equivalent of 60c per litre. The half-yearly service would only require adding water to the windscreen washers and rotating the tyres. Your drive would be smooth, quiet, elegant and above all, fun! Forward-thinking US and European manufacturers have recognised the advantages of electric vehicles and are offering exciting new models - such cars are so popular that the waiting lists stretch 12 months or more. Yet, no electric vehicles are being manufactured in Australia and there are no immediate plans for import from other countries.

Electric Sports Car in action!

Two Perth engineers have joined forces to make one of Australia’s first EV modifications that will challenge the performance of petrol-driven equivalents. Their aim is to produce an EV sports car: a powerful performer, sleek, sexy, and able to travel long distances on a single charge. A car for the motoring enthusiast, one that screams desire, yet is practical for everyday use. While creating an electric sports car is not without precedent, evsportscar.com will be unique - using multimedia features and advanced interactivity, the creative process will be documented and shared in real-time with the world: all open-source designs, concepts and calculations will be made freely available to empower and inspire others.


We hope you join in this exciting and revolutionary journey. Please visit our website for regular updates. There are ways for everyone to get involved, so climb in before it speeds away leaving nothing but tyre prints...

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